This section of our site will be used to provide general links and resources related to the practice of public history, as well as more specific guides and rubrics for weekly assignments.

Course instructions and documents
Project proposal instructions
WordPress instructions
-Sunny Slope history documents
Sunny Slope National Register Nomination
Material culture assignment

 “Leo Twiggs: Requiem for Mother Emanuel” exhibit
Reaction questions
Symposium flyer
Our Campus Landscape  (10/19)
Universities, Slavery, Public Memory,and the Built Landscape symposium 
List of selected buildings and histories, Auburn
-Auburn Traditions: the lathe and the pond, The Plainsman
Georgetown Slavery Archive
Histories from UNC’s Built Landscape
Brown University Steering Committee on Slavery and Justice
Slavery, Civil War and the University of Alabama 
The Lemon Project, College of William and Mary 
-Class daily assignment
Designing our oral History project
SOHP practical guide
StoryCorps great questions
OHDA best practices
Class collaborative project design
Marantz PMD-660 user guide 
-5810 Release form
Interview recordings
Crisis at Colonial Williamsburg
Colonial Williamsburg Cuts Jobs to Reduce Growing Debt (Sarah McCamon-NPR)
Letter: Why Colonial Williamsburg is Failing (The Virginian-Pilot)
-Damn Lies and Statistics: Why Colonial Williamsburg’s Collapse Isn’t Part of a Trend in Public History Sites (Taylor Stoermer)
Colonial Williamsburg’s shaky finances are a reflection of Americans’ knowledge of history: Opinion (Charlie Gerow-Penn Live)
-Colonial Williamsburg Announces Reorganization, Job Cuts (Virginia Gazette)
Oral history projects and tools
Oral History Metadata Synchronizer examples
Digital Portobelo 
Goin’ North 
Digital History Practicum (10/10/2017)
Tutorial and instructions for class
A Red Record (project link)
Useful sites, blogs, and organizations
National Council on Public History
-“History at Work” blog
Roundup of historians writing on Jim Crow era Confederate memorials
Alabama Department of Archives and History 
Alabama Historical Commission