I decided to talk about my experience with covid-19, and how it affected my life due to my previous positive test this past summer. Before covid my daily life was simple, I went to school and work mainly, also the grocery store here and there. I sometimes went out to a bar, not too much though. When covid hit us during the spring semester, I was back home for spring break, and that is when I found out that campus was completely shut down. Other than virtual classes, the shutdown was not a big adjustment for me since I lived off campus. I had to adjust to wearing a mask everywhere I went, which can be irritating sometimes. Fortunately, I was still able to work because Home Depot was an essential business (Yeah, I thought it was odd too). Working at Home Depot became a little stressful, because it became very busy and we had to deal with customers that opposed the new guidelines of the store. Things such as limiting the number of customers in the store and trying to get them to wear mask among other things. Even though the job was stressful at times, I never complained because I was blessed and extremely grateful to have during these times.

            It was strange seeing the whole world shutting down, never thought I would witness something so epic. Seeing people wearing mask everywhere you go and staying six feet apart from each other has become the new norm. Right before covid-19 became a pandemic I became involved with the history club here at Auburn, I do not know when meetings will resume if ever. In July I tested positive for Covid-19, the first week was rough. My symptoms were fever, chills, and bad coughing spells, during the fourteen days of quarantine I stayed in my room and stay hydrated. The timing was bad since I was in the middle of moving to a new place, good thing I have some friends that got my stuff for me and helped me through the process. When it was time for me to take my next test, I had no more problems or any symptoms. But I still tested positive, three more to be exact, the frustration I felt was nerve wrecking. I was fortunate that Home Depot was still paying me, because if it were not for that, I would have been in a real bind. My family takes covid very serious and was worried after all those positive tests because they had their own experience with Covid-19. My dad and his wife previously had Covid and had to quarantine for twenty-one days. Also, my aunt died from it earlier in July, she did have pre-existing health conditions that contributed to her dying from Covid. Everyone is doing fine now including me four positive tests, I finally tested negative on the fifth one. I was told that doctors found out that some people may still have particles in their sinus area, which will keep you testing positive. So, after my last positive test, I started flushing my sinus area and my next test came back negative. It feels good now that I can leave home, I still do not go anywhere but to the store. Now that I am Covid free, I donate plasma. Since I have antibodies that fights the virus, my plasma is in high demand. We have a family reunion planned for this upcoming summer, but we are not certain what is going to happen due this pandemic. But our hopes are high.

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