Object Biography

Silicone Ring c. 2017

Pictured is a simple black ring made of silicone. The surface is smooth and matte black and the interior of the band is engraved with the phrase, “Wait For It ;” The ring was hand molded and once the silicone cured, it was placed in a machine that engraved the phrasing. The ring was made in the state of Indiana in 2017 before being shipped to its owner Jerryn Puckett. It is an approximate United States size 7 but it shows signs of stretching from years of constant use. Other than the minor stretching, the ring shows little to no other significant evidence of wear.  It is mostly worn on the middle finger of her right hand

Throughout most of history, jewelry was used to portray not only status, but many pieces contained symbolic meaning. The company that manufactured the ring has been in business since 2010 which indicates that the ring itself is not a rare object. The engraving on the band differentiates Ms. Puckett’s ring from the rest of the ones that were manufactured.  For Ms. Puckett, the ring itself was a symbol of identity and dedication to herself and her goals. The pictured ring is not the only one she wore. For several years before purchasing the ring, she wore one in a similar style until it broke. When shopping for a replacement, she wanted a piece that resembled the original as to keep the original meaning. In her efforts, she found the small company in Indiana that offered custom engraving. The engraved phrase was suggested to her by a close friend. Inspired by the musical, Hamilton, the phrase “Wait For It ;” was suggested not only as a reminder of her goals and ambitions, but also that sometimes patience is critical.

Overall, the ring is valued at less than $10, but carries sentimental meaning. Since it arrived, it only has been removed on less than a handful of occasions and is often the only piece of jewelry she wears. Though the ring was purchased to replace another, it holds more symbolic meaning than the original. When it was purchased, Ms. Puckett was struggling with feelings of inadequacy and uncertainty for the future both vocationally and academically. Once she resolved some of these issues, the ring became a reminder of the struggles she faced and their resolution.

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