I subjected my extremely supportive boyfriend to the questionnaire, and he took it in stride, answering my questions as honestly as possible. The questions themselves didn’t seem to have much depth to me, and sounded more like a psychological study than a tool to collect historical data, and I was surprised by the questions that had additional parts to African American and Mexican American individuals only. The questions were also not very emotionally stimulating, but required you to think about specific examples from certain times in your life when you felt this or that over a certain subject. The survey also covered random bits of information, which I assume was to gauge the general sense of the public’s interest in history of late. War seems to be a popular subject, going off of what popular culture is producing lately, and was reflected in my subject’s own interest in history. However, certain parts of the survey did not suit this purpose. For instance, why include financial information in this survey? Or marital status? Sex and ethnicity I can understand, but these things did not seem relevant to the collection of historical data to me.

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