Restructuring the Survey

Although some of the survey questions were awkwardly worded, I did really enjoy how thoroughly the survey went through all possible definitions of the past, like familial, ethnic/racial, etc. Some of the questions took on a different turn with the advent of the cell phone like the questions about “have you looked at photos/taken them?”. With the cell phone, those have become instant and mobile so I feel like they happen all the time compared to looking a physical printed photographs and the survey could incorporate this distinction in some way. Because of how often we are online, I would have added is question about mobile sites for news and their credibility; like, what do you think about the credibility of Facebook or reddit as a source for information about the past? Another area the survey didn’t cover is how often these people interact with various media sources about the past. For instance, Ian, my survey-ee is a chemical engineer and doesn’t have to take a collegiate history class which may have led to him feeling that high school teachers are more trustworthy than collegiate.

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