The Multi-Generational Ownership of a Pocketknife

This pocketknife was initially owned by Otilio (Oscar) Rodriguez born December 13th 1926 and passed away January 20, 2012, and is know owned by his grandson Victor Raymond Rodriguez II born January 4, 1992. It is a standard pocketknife made circa 1960, with pearl handles, brass pins holding the artifact together, a single blade, and bottle opener. The object shows signs of extensive use made by the original owner: There is a worn thumb print on the pearl handle, the blade has been sharpened multiple times, the metal is slightly rusted, and the entire tool is dirty from use. As the structural integrity of the object diminished over time, Oscar began using the pocketknife as a letter opener.

After Oscar passed away, Victor claimed ownership of the pocketknife continuing its use as a letter opener. Victor claimed ownership of the pocketknife because no other family member showed interest in keeping the object. The pocketknife has sentimental and practical value to Victor, because not only does the object remind him of his grandfather Oscar, but he uses the tool to open mail on a semi-regular basis. Victor keeps the artifact in the top draw of his desk for easy access, and intends to hold onto the pocketknife for the foreseeable future. He intends on continuing to use the pocketknife as a letter opener until the structural integrity of the object diminishes to the point that it can no longer be used as a tool. Once the tool can no longer be used for practical purposes, Victor intends on placing the object in a “safe place” to protect it from further deterioration. He will perhaps place the objects with other items he has collected that possess connections to his family’s past.

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