Visiting with Auburn’s Seniors

While my particular visit to the senior’s center differed from everyone else’s, I did learn a great deal about the two women whom my partner and I interviewed. Steven led the discussion, while I interjected every now and then to ask more pointed questions for clarification on some of the matters that we our seniors discussed. We were lucky, and had two intelligent, hardworking women who were willing to share their life’s experiences with us. We learned about cooking and cleaning, quilting, their forms of childcare, and about their upbringing. I was particularly drawn to our interviewees, one of whom had had a similar upbringing to myself. She came from an agricultural family that grew tobacco, and spent her summers with her grandparents, helping out in the fields, learning how to sew. Our other senior shared my passion for family and cooking, and she quilted as well. In the time I spent with those two ladies I found myself listening to many aspects of a “bygone era”, but still able to find instances where their past and mine overlapped. They had wonderful stories and opinions about the topics that we discussed, and their charisma made our interview process less awkward. I am honored to have met them, and I look forward to working with the information we gained from the interview in the upcoming project, and I definitely classify the visit to the Senior’s center a success, even if I did drive circles around it for the first hour or so…

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