Object Biography

An insignificant object

      Nowadays people are surrounded by natural and artificial objects which either serve a purpose in their lives or as pure decoration, people would sometimes utilize the object and harness the benefits within, while others simply sat on top of shelves covered in dust. what I have chosen is an object which is invaluable to me in my daily routine—My Laptop.

      This specific laptop was made in the United States by Hewlett-Packard group, which is a computer making giant who shares the market with Dell and MSI. Since the laptop was deemed a “Gaming Laptop” it came in black with red lighting illuminating around the keyboard. It was put together by joining the monitor with the gaming inspired keyboard which took place on an assembly line. Although it might be outdated as gaming laptops have developed rapidly through the years, it is still one of the most sought-after products on the market. When I first purchased it three years ago I did not dare to think that such an electronic device would have a significant meaning to me since almost every single paper I ever wrote was stored in it. It was an essential part of me so I would also keep a personal diary to not forget what I’m thinking now, sometimes these impulsive ideas might become a task I need to complete. During the COVID-19 era the laptop greatly increased my ability to do the assignments for school while also having fun in the process, much of the hand writing had converted to typing, and much of the going out for a walk had been turned into watching YouTube videos about the outside world. This device brings me joy and quality of life—the two points which I value the most, so I had it placed directly in front of me on the desk to make sure I could sit down and have some fun. I even bought a large monitor to compliment the small screen size which caused the words to be unusually small.

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