Object Biography

Due to the incredibly tough position todays environment has put us in we have been forced to change our daily routines and basically life as we know it. Before COVID-19 I did not really use that much technology. I prefer to either be outside with friends doing actives such as hunting or fishing but due to this worldwide pandemic my friends and I have not been able to do the actives that we so much enjoy. The item I chose to do my blog post on would be my laptop. My laptop is a MacBook Pro I purchased with the help of my dad my Junior Year of high school, so it makes this object around five years old. The laptop has measurements of 13.3 inches by 15.4 inches. The screen itself is roughly 13 inches and has an incredible display of quality.  My laptop has extreme value to me right now because every facet of our lives revolves around technology now that we are forced to stay indoors and social distance. Before quarantine I only used my laptop for things such as schoolwork and searching the internet for hunting or fishing gear and supplies. However, in today’s world we are forced to do everything remotely from home on our laptops. Normally my laptop will stay perfectly positioned on my desk so that it can be plugged into its charger if it is needed to be charged. When I need to transport my laptop to a different location, I carefully place the laptop in the case I have purchased for it. The case is extremely important because without the case my laptop would be subject to getting broken which would impede my success of doing schoolwork. Once the laptop is carefully placed in the case, I then place my case into my backpack which I use to transport my laptop to the different locations in which I would need to use it. Reflecting back on this object I have come to realize that currently my entire life revolves around this 13 by 15-inch piece of metal that controls my entire life. Without this object our society as we know it today would sadly crash. In fact, just about every single business in today’s world is run by using computers and other forms of advance technology that allows us to communicate remotely with one another without contact, which is extremely important with the worldwide pandemic that is happening. Other than just being able to help someone do business and keep commerce available, my laptop allows me to be able to communicate with people like my mom, dad, and grandmother. Since they are older and multiple hours away the facetime feature on my laptop allows me to remotely communicate and video chat with my family without having to come in contact with them and potentially spread COVID-19. So in today’s world my most important object in my life has become my laptop due to the fact that I need it in order to stay in touch with everyone in my life during this pandemic and also be able to continue to do remote learning so that I can receive a degree from Auburn University.

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