Social Media, the new history classroom for Gen-Z

One of the biggest problems in the survey is most of the questions were out dated. Most of people do not read a book about past for personal pleasure. My roommate, who is a cs student, has no interest to read any books about any kind history. And for almost one year, the only “historical” movie he watched was the “1917” film I rented. It is easy to understand, what history or past can help him to develop a computer program. However, because of Twitter and TikTok, and the BLM movement now is taking all the headlight, he told me he did learn a lot of African American history in the past few months via all the short videos he watched on the social media. So from my experience, add a question like “where did you learn your history lessons” could be up to date. And I can guarantee many of the answers would be “youtube,” “Instagram,” “tiktok,” or any kind social media we may know or not know. And I will not surprise that very soon there will be people telling me “Soviet caused the WWII.” (From the recent Call of Duty trailer, I feel that can be happened very soon.)

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  1. So, does it seem like then that we more unconsciously soak up history without meaning to now? Just by consuming lots of media we will run across it? I wonder if you think that’s true, or if it changes how people know or care about history if it’s just one other component of media consumption.


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