The Presence of the Past

Since I had administered this Presence of the Past survey to my roommate, I thought it would be an interesting idea to make some comments about it. in the survey, there were quite a few questions which are on the spot by asking my roommate to think about the past, both in his family roots and in his leisure time what he had done and what he had missed. Then pick out a favorite moment and savor it. Questions like this one can not only immerse us in our memories but also teach us the moral of remembering who we are and where we are from. As habits in a person’s life could often influence their perception of the world and lifestyle.        However, something else did caught my attention as there are some imperfections to this survey. There are specific questions asked about African Americans and Hispanic Americans, but the Asians seemed to be the one left out. Another issue worth mentioning is that in the end of the survey some questions are just too sensitive to certain people. Such as asking how much their family made within a year. What I would have done is add questions for Asians while asking about basic information about those candidates. Such as name, school, favorite movie etc. That’s all I can conclude about the survey.

Zongru Han

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