Surveying the Past

This was my second time doing this survey, the first time I believe I interviewed my Dad and remember having to explain a lot of the questions to help him understand the meanings of some of the questions. This time I interviewed one of my coworkers at the Home Depot, someone a bit closer to me in age. The interview went about as smooth as the first time and I think the main issue is the wording with a few of the questions. The shorter questions are easy to read and answer, but the lengthier questions required a bit of explanation. I had a similar issue last time. I also feel to make results easier to collect, the questions could be put into a Google Survey to help limit answers on yes or no questions and provide options on questions that seem too open ended (i.e. the part 2 of Q1, on Section I). My father was a bit quicker on this question because he liked older movies and they served to remind him of the times when he was younger watching them, but my coworker had a bit of trouble answering this question because he has seen a lot of movies set in the past and he said all movies are about the same to him. That part of the question could be reworded away from using “like”; the word “interest” would be a better here . Also I feel that COVID-19 has affected a few of the questions in a way that may skew results if it’s not stated that these result were taken during a pandemic.

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