The process was familiar to me, I did a similar survey about a year with my old roommate.  I asked similar questions about his background, and it was also history related.  But it was more about the list of things that he watched or heard regarding history. For example, what museum you last visited, last history documentary he watched. The process was the same, the survey went smooth for both individuals, they were both similar to my age I think that helped a lot. The first survey was simpler than this one, the questions asked was more direct, it did not need explanation. This survey requires the person to elaborate on some questions, some of the questions require you to not only give an answer but explain your reason why you gave it.  The only problem I ran into with survey was the person I interview, he did not been to recently been to museums or read any book regarding to history. Overall, I would not change the survey, I felt it was a good way to see what we are learning as far as history, not only our preferences.

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